Illustrated Event Poster

Poster design for Miami artist Otto von Schirach following the release of the Draculo EP.


“Otto Von Schirach, half Cuban Native Indian half German Anunnaki wolf, was born in the 3rd point of the Bermuda Triangle, Miami. Some people say he was dropped into the triangle by a UFO or arrived in a Gravitron.”

“Take Earth Wave Surf Electro Bass Tropical calypso Dubstep Broken Noise Grind, IDM Folk Glitch, Breakcore orchestral Gabber, mix them all together and what you get? Otto Von Schirach and a magic super nova of sound waves.“

“As a Miami Knight and leader of the Sound Barrier he was crowned King of the Bermuda Triangle.

“In 2012 Otto von Schirach turned into Supermeng, a genetically enhanced super human.”

via Monkeytown Records


“Look up in the sky, it’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Supermeng’s electro funk mothership approaching, bringing blood sucking beats and supernatural tales to all earth people.”
via Monkeytown Records

“Draculo is like Cuban folklore. He's like Transylvania lineage through Cuba and Germany. Just like now he lives in the Bermuda Triangle in Miami, and the folklore is that there's a special vitamin in the Bermuda Triangle called vampisol. It lets you stay in the sun. They say it's in the seed of papaya, but this is like myth. We don't know. It could be a lie, but that's how the vampire is able to live in the sun and be tropical. People of the Draculo lineage bite the culo, not the neck... We're just vibing on that folklore.”
-Otto von Schirach via Miami New Times