A Typeface for Humans of the Anthropocene Epoch

“You think ecologically tuned life means being all efficient and pure. Wrong. It means you can have a disco in every room of your house.”
-Tim Morris on surrendering to nature

CO-DESIGNER: Alex Kirsch

T H E    A N T H R O P O C E N E    E P O C H

A time defined by human dominance of Earth’s geology and ecosystems. An idea born from a technologically advanced perspective and characterized by a profound magnitude of self-awareness. A concept that provokes panic and confusion. Every second, we are thrust forward toward a future we cannot imagine, yet know so much about. Our children will inherit our mining scars and inbred dogs. Our coastal hometowns will drown and our sense of home will wash away with it. Environmentally and psychically speaking, we live in a time of flux. There are fewer and fewer coordinates by which to plan our futures.

And yet, as we make our way forward into an abstract space, we find a newfound freedom in surrendering to a world that is neither here nor there.

We exist within the limitations of physics, our human flesh vessels, our genetic predispositions, our unique personal journeys, our mental capacities, the consequences of our personal choices, the impacts of choices made for us, the character count on Twitter. Our resources are finite and the consequences of our actions are permanent. We drink what dinosaurs pissed and our children will drink the water we polluted. Long after we perish, our space trash will orbit the planet.

Within our numbered days, our cramped apartment walls, our regimented time, our measured waste, we are liquid. Glasses of water gathered from the same, infinite stream. Within our containers, we expand and contract, adapt to new shapes, flow in and out of existence. We absorb cultural narratives, transmit new ideas, carry children, viruses, and microplastics generations into the future. We dig deep in the exploration of Self and discover the river exists within us as imagination, dreams, love, spirituality, pain, desire, memory, fear, joy. Despite our vessels, we are infinite.