Do What Moves You Voter Festival

The brief
“Create a physical activation or experience that creates an epic summer moment where people feel free to be themselves; puts the power of music, dance and art to work; uses influencers and events.”

The solution
In the days leading up to the 2019 EU Parliamentary Election, Bacardi presents an intriguing offer to three European cities: You vote and we”ll sponsor a free music festival. 

ART DIRECTOR: Jack Dalrymple Blair

RECOGNITION: D&AD New Blood Awards 2019 Wood Pencil, The Creative Circus Student Show Bronze

Here is a digital billboard in Barcelona featuring the artists to play the voter festival.

The city’s youth voter registration count is updated in real time. Adjacent to the live count are the threshold numbers needed to earn additional artist acts. In this case, 150,000 new registrations are required to get Rosalia on stage. 

The artist image and name are revealed upon meeting the number goal.

Confirmed and pending artists are listed below the artist image. We can see that Rosalia is the third artist in the line-up and two additional mystery artists have yet to be revealed. 

This billboard features the artist line-up for Berlin’s voter festival as well as the Bacardi drink offered in each tier. Like the above billboard, the city’s new voter registration count is updated in live time. At 200,000 new registrations, Berlin wins a performance by Milky Chance (at 11:30pm) and Bacardi Superior rum.